The arlo camera isn’t detecting motion is not a new problem. Arlo not recording motion is faced by a number of users today. That’s why we have decided to help so that you can get your Arlo motion detection not working issue resolved within minutes.

Arlo camera motion detection not working

Arlo security camera is equipped with the latest technology to capture the live footage and save it so that users can watch it in the future. Motion detection is one of the most attention grabbing and exclusive features that an Arlo security camera provides to its users. 

Arlo Pro Camera Not Detecting Any Motion – Guide 

You can find the option on page and on arlo app. This feature allows the camera to start the recording whenever any kind of motion is detected. After recording the video, it sends the clip to your subscribed email id. This Way, you can check the video anytime you want in the future. 

Reasons- Why Arlo Camera Motion Sensor Not Working

However, users sometimes report that their Arlo pro can’t detect any motion or motion sensor not working on Arlo camera.  Actually, there can be multiple reasons because of which your myarlo camera isn’t detecting motion.
The most common reason why your Arlo camera does not record motion is that you forgot to enable motion detection on the login camera or sometimes outdated firmware Arlo does not record motion. 

Do check Arlo is live but not saving to libraryif your Arlo Camera is ok, but not recording or saving the file.

This guide is intended to help you to resolve Arlo not recording all motion issues in the best possible way. 

Troubleshoot- Fix ‘motion sensitivity error on arlo camera’

motion sensitivity error on arlo camera

How to turn on motion detection on Arlo camera

  • Sometimes, it has been noticed that ‘arlo motion detection not working’ because the user has probably forgotten to enable motion detection on arlo camera. 
  • Note: In some Arlo camera, this feature come by default. While most of the time, users need to turn on motion detection on arlo camera by himself. 
  • Important: To enable the Arlo motion detection, you can either visit web page or you can arlo camera mobile app for the purpose. 

Update myArlo firmware using

This could be another reason why you are facing motion sensitivity error on Arlo camera. If myArlo login is working on outdated firmware this could result in Arlo not detecting all motion. 

Therefore, to avoid such issue, you must update the firmware of arlo camera and arlo base station as soon as it is available. 

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Check your email ID or Arlo camera login

  • While using arlo login on, a user is asked to register his email id. 
  • The motion detection feature notifies and sends all the clips to the registered email id of the user. 

Also check to how to log into Arlo Camera

So, make sure you are using correct email ID to access the clips. It might be possible you have used a different ID for arlo login and you are checking different ID for clips.

Change the placement of the camera

  • If the motion sensor not working on arlo camera then this could be due to wrong placement of your camera. 
  • Some arlo cameras are not designed to record though translucent surfaces such as glass. 
  • To get rid of ‘arlo camera isn’t detecting motion’ you should consider changing the position of your Arlo camera to a right place. 
  • You must also make sure that your arlo camera login is placed near to your wireless router. Placing the camera to an apt height is ultimate way to avoid ‘motion detection not working’ issue on arlo camera. 

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Sensitivity level issues cause motion sensor not working on Arlo camera

Motion sensor not working on Arlo camera can be a result of low sensitivity level. Arlo camera motion detection feature works according to the sensitivity level of the motion. If the sensitivity has been set low, the camera will not detect or record slow moving objects. 

Therefore, in order to avoid that it is recommended to keep the sensitivity level at an average level by going to Arlo login page.

By following the aforementioned tips, you would easily be able to fix ‘arlo camera isn’t detecting motion’ issue. You can easily make changes with your Arlo camera by going to the Arlo login page either by using we address or through Arlo App.

In case, the ‘Arlo not recording motion’ issue is still spinning your head and you are not able to fix it, then it is recommended to contact our technical experts. To get in touch with an expert, you can perform a live chat or call on their toll-free number.