This article shows you how to setup Netgear Arlo Cameras using Smart cameras today no one is surprised, but Netgear went with the Arlo camera in a different way. If conventional security cameras store data on any local storage, Arlo Cam is focused on the cloud storage that means you can access the past recordings anytime you wish. Also, the entire process of Arlo camera login is not difficult for anyone who wishes to set up an Arlo camera at their home or office. You just need to install the Arlo app either on your smart phone or PC which is free of cost. Make an Arlo account so that you can connect the cameras and then access them remotely. You can do this by launching the arlo website using and log in through the login details like the username and the password.

The Arlo camera from Netgear is completely dedicated to the security and safeguard of its users living environment. The Arlo cameras are most likely to cover up all the happenings in and around the premises. The wide view angle of these cameras let you view a wide area of your home and other places. If you have an Arlo camera and wish to install it, then read this blog as we will try to cover how to setup Netgear Arlo camera.

Netgear Arlo Setup via

Follow the below given steps to install the Arlo Cam:

  • First, insert the battery into the Arlo Cam, connect the power adapter and then plug it into the power outlet.
  • Connect the Arlo base station to your wireless router by using an Ethernet cable that is connected to the Internet.
  • Next, press the “Sync” button on top of the Base Station until the green light will start blinking.
  • Also, press the “Sync” button on the Arlo camera until the blue LED light begins to blink.
  • Once you have the cable connections done, launch a browser on your PC and enter to access Netgear arlo setup wizard.
  • On the Arlo login screen, enter device username and password & click “Login”
  • After login, you will be redirected to the Arlo setup page. Now, follow on screen steps to complete setup for your Netgear Arlo cameras.

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Now you can configure the Arlo Cam and customize its settings accordingly. If you face any issue or can’t log in to the Arlo account using then you have to check following things:

  • Make sure that you are using the exact username and password.
  • You need to clear your cache and cookies in your browser settings that you are using.
  • Try to restart your computer to resolve the issue.
  • If nothing works, perform a factory default reset on your base station.

Hope, with the following tips; you would be able to resolve Arlo issues. If you have any more issue related to your Arlo camera then you can call us at our toll-free number as we have a team of technical experts. Our experts will try their best to troubleshoot your issues with Arlo camera.